What Do Urologists Do to Fix Urinary Incontinence in Elderly Men and Women

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Urinary incontinence is a condition where an individual accidentally leaks the urine, if this has happened too often then you would need to immediately go to the urology department Singapore. Although it can occur to anybody, this condition is more evident in elderly adults. Well, the good news is incontinence can be treated or controlled.

Types of Urinary Incontinence
1. Stress incontinence is more common in young and middle-aged people. It occurs when the bladder is pressed, hence urine leaks. It may be due to exercise, sneezing, lifting heavy objects, laughing, and coughing.

2. Functional incontinence is more common in older people. Under this type, the patient has no bladder control problems, but conditions such as arthritis make it hard for them to reach the bathroom quickly.

3. Overflow incontinence means the bladder is always full. Hence, fresh urine lacks storage space. Prostate enlargement and diabetes are some of the causes of this type of incontinence.

4. Urge incontinence happens when a person suddenly needs to urinate and cannot hold the urine to the toilet. It is familiar with cases of Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and stroke.

What Do Urologists Do To Fix Urinary Incontinence in Older People
Nowadays, urinary incontinence treatments are more than in the past. The choice of treatment will depend on the type and seriousness of the condition and lifestyle. Generally, it is advisable to try the most straightforward and safest procedure first.

Many urologists would advise bladder training. They may suggest some of the following;
Pelvic muscle exercise
These muscles are used when urinating. Therefore, the more they’re healthy, the longer they will hold urine.

Sensors are used to give signal feedback from the body. Therefore, they may help take back control of the bladder and urethra. They are more helpful when learning the Kegel exercises.

Timed voiding
Timed voiding means that bathroom visits are on a set schedule. The schedule is later slowly extended. Also, biofeedback, time voiding, and Kegel exercises combination make it simpler to manage some overflow and urge incontinence.

Lifestyle alterations
The following lifestyle changes will help with this disorder.

  • Avoid alcohol and smoking.
  • Avoid drinks right before bedtime.
  • Drink less caffeine.
  • Lose weight.
  • Prevent constipation.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects.
  • Choose water over other drinks.

Incontinence and Alzheimer’s disease In Older People
Alzheimer’s strikes the brain functioning; hence its victims tend to forget things, including the need to visit the bathroom or direction to the toilet. As this condition is common in older adults, caretakers can do the following to help these patients;

  • Avoid giving them caffeinated drinks.
  • Always keep pathways and bathrooms clutter-free with lights.
  • Supply underclothes that are easy to remove.
  • When on away from home trips, use absorbent underclothes.

How to Manage Urinary Incontinence
Besides bladder training, other methods that need special urologist attention and help manage the condition include;

  • The use of medicines that help in full emptying of the bladder.
  • The use of estrogen vaginal cream relieves urge and stress incontinence.
  • Doctors may use an injection that thickens the urethra to help close the bladder.
  • The use of medical devices like urethral inserts to prevent urine from leaking.
  • Nerve stimulation may help control the bladder.
  • Surgery also helps cure incontinence, especially those caused by dislocation or blockage of the bladder.

During post-treatment, patients may leak urine from time to time. For that reason, adult diapers, special skin cleansers, furniture pads, and urine deodorizing pills make urine leaks bother a little less.

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